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Scientific and production centre "UVICOM" is formed in 1992 Uvicom Co Ltd. deal with development and improvement of technologies of reception of carbon fibrous materials (CFM) and carbon composites, designs the special equipment for manufacture of carbon materials and products on their basis.

Technologies of reception CFM and carbon composites had the development in connection with sharp requirement of rocket-and-space, aircraft and other special machines in new materials with unique properties. Advantages of CFM consist in a combination of high durability, chemical and thermal firmness, high sorption possibilities, conductivity and low density. By means of this qualities CFM have found wide application in the defensive industry. Nowadays we can see a rapid growth an application of CFM in building industry. CFM can be used both in military and civil production.

Principal directions of the company's activity:
  • Development of technologies and the equipment. Main activity of our specialists focused on technological advancement of reception of materials and development of the new equipment, creations of products with use of unique qualities of CFM. Now Uvicom specialists are working on creation and realization of new technologies and the equipment for manufacture of carbon fibrous materials with use of the advanced technical and scientific possibilities.
  • CFM on the basis of a viscose technical thread. Are issued under trade mark UVIS®. Materials combine graphite properties (such as chemical stability and electro conductivity), and active carbon properties (such as high specific surface and adsorption capacity); are made in the various textile forms: fabrics, grids, tapes, cords, nonwoven materials, threads.
  • High-strength and high modulus CFM on a basis of a polyacrylnitrile (PAN) fibre. Materials are reinforcing fillers for constructional carbon composites (composite materials), provide high durability at a stretching and compression, rigidity, low density in products and surpass all metal analogues in 5-8 times. CFM on a basis of the PAN are issued in the form of threads, plaits, tapes, fabrics, including in a combination to other fibers. 
  • Thermoplastic carbon composites. Composites on the basis of CFM are widely applied in the chemical, oil-extracting, textile industry, motor industry, medical industry and electronic industry. 
  • Carbon materials in medical application. Carbon sorption-active materials in the form of napkins «SORUSAL®» and «LEGIUS®» are effectively applied at treatment of burn and postoperative wounds, trophic ulcers. Carbon materials «IMUSS®» are used for endoprosthesis replacement of tendons and ligaments. The complete set of items «RAPFIS®» is applied at treatment of fractures.
  • Personal protection equipment. Are made from high-strength high modulus aramide threads in a combination with a carbon thread, provide safety of work at influence of adverse factors of environment.
  • Nonflammable and chemoresistant fabrics on the basis of the heat-treated PAN fiber. Combine a set of the properties, allowing them to apply at manufacturing of protective clothes to firemen, metallurgists, welders, as nonflammable upholstery fabrics, chemoresistant packing gland stuffings, and also in woven and nonwoven materials for a filtration of hot gases.
Uvicom Co Ltd., constantly co-operating with the manufacturing facilities of carbon fibrous materials, develops new technologies and products and present them on the market. Co-operating on a long-term basis with many Russian and foreign companies, we are always open for new contacts and joint activity.