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Uvicom Co Ltd.

Is developing:

Technologies of manufacture of carbon fiber materials and carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

Is producing:

•    carbon fiber materials and articles on their basis;
•    composite materials;
•    medical articles.

Is designing:

Special equipment for manufacture of carbon fiber materials and articles on their basis

Carbon fibrous materials and plastics production technologies have been developing due to the space, aircraft and other special technical equipment keen demand in new materials with unique properties.

The carbon fibrous materials combine high strength, chemical and thermal resistance, great sorption ability with low density and that is their advantage. All these properties were marked and widely used in the defense industry. Recently due to assortment growth carbon fibrous materials have found wide civil application as well.

Uvicom Co Ltd. Specialists are trying to improve the existing production technology an develop new tools and machinery as well as to open new application fields using unique carbon fibrous materials property in production of goods.

Today Uvicom Co Ltd. unites a team of engineers and specialists who cooperating with producing plant develop new technologies and goods, manufacture them and sell them on the market.

We have long-term partnerships with many Russian and foreign (in France, USA, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, Israel and the others) companies and always look forwards for new prospective links and effective cooperation.

Carbon fibrous materials are applied in many fields and can be used almost in every human activity.